I live in northern India. By end of September dry winds start blowing in north India and are very harsh especially for skin. I was looking forward to invest in some good body wash, moisturizers and lotions to pamper my skin. I wanted to explore a new brand that I have never heard of before because I like experimenting and love to share views with my blog readers. As all of you know I always endorse those products that I myself use.

The new brand that I discovered is Do More Always. 

Do More Always Products Review


Do More Always Products Review


About the brand – Do More Always has been launched by everyday athletes. The brand have a range of personal care products, skin care products and body care products. All the products by Do More Always are vegan, are prepared using clinically proven formulations, are made using highest grade, clean ingredients and are also cruelty free. I tried couple of products from their range and I am going to share review of the products that I liked the most and will recommend you to buy.  

Do More Always Products Review

Always Fresh Body Wash Review – This is a unisex product and has been designed for both men and women. I fell in love with this body wash from my first time usage. This is really mild and do not make skin dry like many other body wash do. I have started using this body wash in the beginning of winters and it is effective in keeping my skin moisturized. The smell is amazing and stays for like an hour post shower. I don’t feel need to moisturize my skin immediately after shower. This amazing anti-bacterial body wash is perfect for everyday usage and as claimed by brand is effective in treating body acne. Thankfully I don’t have body acne so I can’t really say much about this feature.  Always fresh body wash is enriched with tea tree oil, cucumber, aloe vera and coffee. Being a coffee lover this body wash is a like a treat to my skin and senses. This body wash is a personal recommendation from me. Get one and pamper yourself. Click here to check this product online


Always Nourish Body Lotion Review – The body lotion is enriched with shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter and collagen. I am in my early thirties now and I don’t shy away from investing in collagen rich products. Collagen is important in improving skin’s health and prevents from sagging. Brand has claimed that this is a non-sticky and can provide 24 hours nourishment. I have tested this body lotion for more than three weeks before posting the review. I decided to use this body lotion as a face moisturizer because of its non-sticky formulas as I avoid creams because of my oily skin. I didn’t felt need to re-apply any moisturizer on my face throughout the day even in this crazy weather and because of its non-sticky formula my face didn’t look oily. Its up to you whether you want to use this product as body lotion or moisturizer. It’s a very good investment if you want to use it the way I had. Click here to check this product online 

Do let me know in comments how was your experience. 

 Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Review 

Who doesn't want skin that is flawless and healthy? What if I share with you a secret that you too can achieve this goal by using 100% natural, ayurvedic product. 

The product is Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil and I will be sharing a detailed review of this oil after using it for over a month. 

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Review

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Review 

From the last year, I added facial oils to my skincare regime as earlier I wasn't comfortable using facial oils owing to my oily skin. I was under impression that my face might end up looking like blubbery in a few hours. 

That's why I stayed away from facial oils for so long. It's only a few months back that I came across an article highlighting the benefits of using face oil on the skin. This time this article had a profound effect on me and next few days I read multiple articles and did my own research about facial oils. 

When I was convinced, then only I decided to start my journey of using facial oils. The most expensive and latest in my collection is Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil. 

The texture of Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil is non-sticky and six to seven drops are sufficient for extreme winters. I started using this in the last week of December and imagine that time and Delhi winters. In mild weather, I think three to four drops will be sufficient for an oily skin type and for normal to dry say five to six drops. 

Because of its texture, Kimsukadi oil gets absorbed into the skin in no time without any sticky residue. My skin has actually started looking visibly clear, plump, nourished, and most importantly healthy. There is this evenness to my skin that I had never experienced before. After two weeks of using this facial oil, my mom asked me one morning why my face is glowing so much all of a sudden, and this oil was a secret. And I am not kidding here. This actually happened. 

And I was so lazy in winters that I didn't use any face mask for straight four weeks in severe winters. 

Every day, after the bath, when my face was a bit damp, I used to apply Just Herbs facial oil and would massage in a circular motion. This technique makes it easy to spread the oil evenly on the face

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil was helpful in lighting up some old acne marks. I won't say they went away 100% but yes there was a visible difference in my skin before and after using Just Herbs Facial Oil. 

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil has been a winner in the category 'Best Face Oil' in Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2019. 

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil comes in a small bottle with a dropper. The dropper is of good quality and convenient to use. Just Herbs has claimed that their Kimsukadi oil is a certified organic product, there are no parabens and mineral oils in it. Key ingredients used in this oil is sesame oil, palash, sandalwood, laksha, indian madder, mulethi, safflower, vetiver roots, himalayan wild cherry, turmeric root. 

Even the smallest size 15ml of Just Herbs is priced at Rs. 1,595 but is it worth investing in, so my answer to this is yes, it is. Click here to buy online 

Hi Friends, 

About three weeks back I realized that from past few months I haven’t shopped anything. Hence I sat down and prepared a list of the things that I need. Then next thing I realized was winters are already here and I don’t have any skincare products to take care of my skin. You know sometimes how it happens, that you are thinking of something and next minute you see the product online. Have you ever experienced thing like that? Well I have multiple times and this time I came to know that Meraki has come up with subscription based beauty box recently. Here is what I found in my Meraki Box.

Mermaid Hydro Boost Night Cream – This Biotek India product is enriched with deep sea water and suitable for normal to dry skin. The cream hasn’t been tested on animals, is free of paraben, phosphate and sulfate and comes in recyclable packaging. It’s priced at Rs. 1,080.

Fuschia Under Eye Serum – This Fuschia serum is enriched with cucumber and green tea. This product is the most expensive product in whole box. It comes at a whopping price of Rs. 1,250. Fuschia claims that this under eye serum fades under eye dark circles. I just can’t wait to try this product.

Images Hand Cream – Images is a new brand that I have never heard of before. There are three products from the brand in Meraki Beauty Box. The first one is a hand cream priced at Rs. 199.

Images Bubbles Amino Acid Sheet Mask – The other product is a hydrating sheet mask which is a need in winters. Images products are bit expensive as this one sheet mask is priced at Rs. 399

Images Olive Natural Sheet Mask – This is a natural sheet mask priced at Rs. 299.

I don’t think that I would have bought all these products separately because of their expensive price ranges. Because of Meraki subscription I paid only Rs. 799 for all five products above. Isn’t that great?

In my opinion Meraki Beauty Box deserves full marks.Girls place your order via Meraki instagram handle @merakibeautybox

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We all are going through tough times, thanks to Corona Virus. There were many times when I felt low. To cheer up myself I did some shopping in the month of April. One of my mini shopping haul was from Deyga. I placed order in April but received products in last week of May because courier services for non-essentials like skin care were on hold in Noida (containment zone) amidst lock-down. 

Deyga products review

I ordered three products from Deyga and after using the products for almost a month I am posting the review of all the three products.

Deyga Lemon Mist Review – Till date I have used face mists, body mists but Deyga Lemon Mist is really a unique product. As per the specifications by the brand, Deyga the mist can be used on skin as well as scalp. This is made of 100% pure steam distilled lemon water. I have tested this product by using the mist on my scalp as well as my face.

Deyga Lemon Mist Review

Deyga Lemon Mist On Scalp - First and foremost, this was the first mist that can be used for scalp. Secondly it was beginning of June when I started using the mist. June in north India means high humidity with extreme temperature. This kind of weather makes my scalp and hair greasy within a day of washing hair with shampoo. Grease and sweat on scalp can lead to bad smelling hair. And frequent shampoo can damage the hair. So when I came across Deyga Lemon Mist and read about its usage I immediately knew how I am going to use this for my hair care. From past one month, two days later post shampooing my hair, I spray Deyga Lemon Mist on my scalp. I massage gently using my fingertips and leave it for like an hour. After that I wash my hair with plain water. This process has kept my hair smelling fresh for long even without frequent shampooing and I intend on continuing this practice throughout whole summers.

Deyga Lemon Mist On Face – Due to lock-down we all are staying at home and most of the times locked up in ac rooms. Long stay in AC tends to dry out skin. To feel fresh all the time application of cream is not possible especially for oily skin person like me. For me this lemon mist has become a boon. I spray this mist two to three times during the day and then tap dry using my fingers. The natural fragrance of lemon in this mist instantly refreshes my skin. After one month usage the 100 ml bottle is almost over. I will totally recommend this product to all.

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel Review – This is 100% pure natural aloe vera gel. The gel is transparent and has no fragrance at all because Deyga hasn’t mixed anything like color or fragrance in it. The ingredients are aloe barbadensis, aloevera extract, aloe hydrosol.

deyga aloe vera gel review

I have been using the Deyga aloe vera gel from past one month at night. When I know that I am done for the day but there is still some time before I hit the bed, I apply the aloe vera gel on my face, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash away. The natural product has made my skin smooth, soft and pimple free. When you are living in big cities it’s very difficult to find aloe vera plants. In my opinion this is the best substitute of gel extracted directly from leaf. So if are one of those who like to invest in natural products, this is one of the best options to consider.

Deyga Hand Sanitizer Review – Sanitizer has become an essential wellness product for us all. Even before Covid Situation I used to carry hand sanitizer in my bag always. Now I have become much more careful and always make sure to invest in good quality sanitizer. Let me be honest here it wasn’t much need for me to buy sanitizer from Deyga with so many drugstore hand sanitizer variants so easily available. However the only reason why I wanted to go for Deyga’s was because of natural ingredients like fresh aloe vera gel and tea tee oil in it along with isopropyl alcohol. Hand sanitizers tends to make hands rough and dry because of presence of alcohol in it but this is not the case with Deyga’s which makes hands soft and smooth. The transparent hand sanitizer is housed in a sturdy clear bottle with good quality pump. If you want to use a good quality hand sanitizer that is good for your hands as well, then do invest in Deyga’s.

 Deyga Hand Sanitizer Review

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If you are going to ask me what is new with me I will say “Lujobox” my luxury beauty subscription box. I am going to review my experience with the esteemed brand not just based on my one month subscription but rather what I have experienced in last four months. Lujo is a Spanish language word that is pronounced as Lu-ho.

Lujobox Luxury Beauty Subscription Box India Review